Perry County Building Permit

You must obtain a Certificate of Zoning Compliance prior to applying for your Building Permit.

Please contact the appropriate Zoning Administrator for your building location:

City of Pinckneyville – Economic Development Coordinator: Carrie Gilliam 618-357-8775

City of Du Quoin – City Hall/Clerks Office: 618-542-3841

Unincorporated locations in Perry County – Zoning Administrator: Becky Tracy   618-357-3267

Village of Willisville – Village Hall Office: 618-497-2287

Village of Tamaroa – Village Hall Office: 618-496-3209

Per Perry County Resolution: A Building Permit must be obtained when any structure is erected, enlarged, extended, altered, or relocated, or mobile home located or relocated within Perry County. It is not necessary to obtain a Building Permit if the structure is less than 100 square feet.

Applications for permits must be made by the owner of the property or an authorized agent. The size and type of proposed building along with an estimated cost is necessary for completion of the building permit. Application forms and assistance in completion are available at the Office of the Perry County Supervisor of Assessments Office. The violation of any rule or regulation adopted by this resolution shall be a petty offense and subject to a fine of not less than $25.00 or more than $500.00. Building Permits act as an application for the Home Improvement Exemption to be applied to eligible property.

The Fee Schedule is as follows:

  • Farm Structure is a $5.00 fee
  • Residential Property is a $5.00 fee plus $0.02 per square foot
  • Commercial Property is a $5.00 fee plus $0.03 per square foot
  • Industrial Property is a $5.00 fee plus $0.06 per square foot.